Friday, April 17, 2009

Ich Liebe Hello Kitty!

Oh yes, I love Hello Kitty! Mommy would sing me the song of the TV program in her "barok" way and I would go dancing! I just enjoy watching Hello Kitty, My Melody, Badz Manu and Cinamonroll do their antics. And I think they are really good friends who know to lift up each other's spirits when they are down, accept their differences and have fun! Too bad we didn't get to visit Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo before we left. I guess it's okay because I can't appreciate and enjoy the sights as much yet because I am still too young. When I'm older and can already walk, I'll ask Mommy and Daddy to take me there.

So close to the TV screen. Mommy can't stop me from
getting too near Hello Kitty and Friends.

Anyway, Mommy took this video of me while watching the Hello Kitty program as it starts. And my, I was really dancing and stomping my feet! Hihihi!

Look at me, dancing while sitting. I can't stand long yet

as my knees are still weak that's why.


Kikit said...

sam, baka dancing talent mo! :)

Twinkie said...

Haha! Ang cute niyang talaga! Ganyan din si Mia ang lapit manuod ng tv manang-mana raw sa akin nung baby pa ako. :)

Btw, they say it doesn't matter if the baby is small as long as proper nutrients were given. More likely, they are the healthier ones pa nga! Worry nila dati na baka raw may diabetes kami mag-ina dahil ang laki-laki namin parehas. Unfortunately, after 27 hours of labor, hiniwa rin ako, naghingalo na kasi si Mia. Sisige pa dapat ako pero nang sinabi na sumusuko na ang bata, dali-dali ako napapayag pa-CS. :)

Jes said...

ahahah that's so cute...walang hello kitty dito sa pinas na palabas ehhehe =) nga pla i have an award for you -

niko said...

walang hello kitty cd si yena, kung sabay kau manonood for sure ang sayang tingnan :)

u are getting bigger na sam!! miss kta :)

iceah said...

Hello Kitty! c: mahilig din ako nyan c:

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