Monday, April 6, 2009

A Surprise Visit

It was an early Wednesday morning in our house in Yokohama when the doorbell rang. Mommy wondered who could it be. She wasn't expecting anyone that early. And to me and my Mommy's surprise, it was Tita Kikit, a very good friend from Gifu. Daddy was expecting her though, since they talked on the phone the night before. Hehe!

An early morning shot with my family and Tita Kikit.
Daddy is all dressed up for work too!

Tita Kikit: Sam, nanindog pa gud imo buhok!
Me: [blushing! hihihi!]

We played together while Mommy was preparing breakfast. We played inai-inai-ba, the Japanese version of peek-a-boo! It was fun. She also sang me some songs and played with my favorite polar bear, Phoebe, then, when I got tired, I went back to sleep.

Dozing off in Lalaland.
Photo Credits: Kikit Avenue

Exhausted and too sleepy to notice this shot.

Who is Tita Kikit by the way? She is my parents' friend from college who is now living in Japan and works as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). She teaches English in Elementary and Junior High School. She also works part-time in a Ramen Restaurant in Gifu Prefecture. Tita Kikit also writes wonderfully. You can visit her blog at Kikit Avenue to read about her adventures and mis-adventures.


Kikit said...

Hi Sam! The next time we meet, I hope to hear you laugh! :)

I feel sorry for your mommy. Her blog is still down and she lost her phone too. But I'm pretty sure she can take more pictures of you there.


Babette said...

Hello, you look so cute even with your hair standing up. :o) Hi to mommy too!

niko said...

hi sam! i miss u and ur mom!! what happened to her blog by d way?? i cannot open it :(

ingat kayo lagi jan!!

Chris said...

aaawww! such a cutie... even while asleep! :D

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