Monday, April 27, 2009

Ready to Strut my Stuff!

My knees are still wobbly but I am loving this new discovery of using my feet to move around the house. And I was able to make my first 8 strides, crossing the distance between our couch and the TV last Saturday, a couple of hours after I wrote a post about me not being able to walk yet. Daddy was watching Formula 1 on TV and Mommy was in the shower when it happened. Oh yes, Daddy saw me FIRST!

One, two, three... Walking is such exciting discovery!
And I was kicking my little soft ball too!
Maybe I'll make one great soccer player someday?

Isn't it lovely and funny how things unfold... and how surprising and unexpected life can be? As I have said before, I am in no rush to walk but Papa Jesus held me up and helped me to walk on my own two, happy little feet. My Mommy and Daddy were so delighted so that they couldn't take the camera off their hands just in case I would do another surprising thing. Hehehe!

Walking and playing with my ball.


Anzu's Mum said...

Hi baby.. i enjoyed watching your video clip.. congrats.. happy walking. Just be careful ok =) **hugs from Me and your online gf ANzu lol

niko said...

wow wow wow!! congrats dear sam!!! galing galing naman.. kisses from me and yena.mwah mwah mwah

Glenda said...

awww.... congrats sam! great job! i enjoyed the video. thank you for sharing!

iceah said...

so cute c: am sure your papa was so happy to see and witness your first steps on your own c:

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