Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Awards for the New Year

Wow! 2008 passed me by so fast and Mommy kept telling me how much I have grown. And with the New Year comes new awards. I am always happy to receive them because it shows that my new friends remembered! :D

My dear friend Mommy Umma and real-life Mommy Kikamz, gave me these two awards: the "Inspiring Blogger Award" and the "You Make My Day" award.

Thanks Mommy Umma and Mommy Kikamz for the thought!

Now, I would like to give out these awards to all my friends in the blogger world especially Mommy Enchie, Mommy Niko, Baby Yena, Baby Yeung Lei, Ate Chloe, Mommy Cookie, Ninang Shal, Mommy Ice, Mommy Mira, Tita Babette, Mommy Ria, Baby Erika, Little Zoie, Mommy Beth, Tita Sheng, Mommy Bonnie, and Tita Kikit who always inspire me and make my day. Thank you all so much for the visits and the kind comments! I will try to write posts as much as I can.



Enchie said...

Thank You Baby Sam :)It's up already:)

niko said...

whoa. this is yena's first award dear sam you are so sweeet! i will post this on her blog too!! thanks sweety!!

mwah mwah

Babette said...

Thank you for these awards baby Sam. You are my favorite blogging baby, so cute! :o)

iceah said...

wow, congrats on your award c:

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