Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might...

My First Birthday is coming soon! It will be on February 28th and the next day, March 1st will be my baptism. Mommy and Daddy have decided that we celebrate both of my born days on my Christening Day. Why born days, because February 28th was the day I was born into this world and March 1st will be the day when I will be born as a Christian and formally be welcomed into God's family.

I received this Birthday Wishlist tag from Mommy Nancy and I want to thank her for the thought. Since my birthday is coming, here's my (or my mommy's) 10 wishes (for me):
  1. Good health, happiness, abundance and peace for me and my family
  2. To be able to walk before my I turn one. I can't wait to strut my stuff!
  3. A baby drum set. I just love to tap my hands on any surface and a drum set will be perfect for tapping, right?
  4. A HAPPY First Birthday and Christening with my family and relatives in the Philippines.
  5. A photo shoot at Studio Alice wearing a fairy dress with wings!
  6. To see my first-degree cousins Kuya Miggy (in the Philippines) and Kuya Luis (in Great Britain) who are both two year olds.
  7. Safe travel to Germany and the Philippines. I hope I won't get airsick, a jetlag, and any fits and fuss during the plane ride so that Mommy will be able to relax during the flight.
  8. To be a good and obedient girl to my parents and my elders.
  9. To stay wonderful, pretty and adorable. Hihihi!
  10. To receive toys, clothes, and other baby stuff from my Ninongs and Ninangs and of course, to be surrounded with LOVE and HAPPINESS from my family.
So that's my wishlist. What's yours Ate Chloe, Yena, Yeung Lei, Little Zoie, Mommy Kikamz, Ninang Shals, Tita Kikit, Mommy Ice, Mommy Enchie, Mommy Wendy?

The rules...
1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday...
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.


niko said...

wohohoh !! thanks sweeeetie sam!! i will grab this syempre!!

wait i have to think na of yena's wishes hahahah. :)

how are u sam??? payakap..mmmmmmhhhh

Enchie said...

Thanks Baby Sam...You have a great wish list. Have a fun Birthday and welcome to the Christian World in Advance :) Hugs!

Azumi's Mum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Azumi's Mum said...

oh baby sam.. ur bday is coming... advance happy.. i'll greet on your birthday bday ok. MWAH

DhoyM said...

Advance birthday greetings to you baby Sam!! Enjoy every minute with her mommy, she grows so fast. TC

Umma said...

Wow!! thanks for the tag baby Sam.. bata bata mo pa marunong ka nang mag tag ha? Just kidding..

You're going to Pinas pala next month.. wow super excited na kayo no?

Mira said...

You're very special Sam, I only know a handful of people born on Feb. 28th! I wish you all the best on your birthday and I'd like to welcome you into the Christian world too.

Tita Mira

iceah said...

thanx for this tag mommy kikamz sorry ngayon ko lang nakita my son was sick e :c ang soooo cute ng invitation ni Sam gawa mo yan ang cool talaga c:

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