Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Few Hair Then and A Few Hair Now

Here are a few of photos when I was still kalbo (not much hair or hairless). You can really see the transformation from when I was still very small until today. I still don't have that mane of hair but I am improving... Hehe! :D

L: My first photo on my bornday! February 28th.
I do have some hair here, don't I?
R: My passport photo... taken when I was a few weeks old.

L: Don't cha wish your girlfriend was NOT like me? Hehe!
One month old me in my model pose!
R: So sleepy at 2 months. I used to have a hammock then...

L: Minnie Mouse me at 3 months. We just got home from Disneyland here.
R: Oblivious to the crowd and still a baby... Disney Castle awaits!
Must have my photo taken first!

L: A smile after receiving God's blessings on my 4th month here on earth.
R: My first summer donning my yukata at 5 months old.
It was really hot last August!

I've got some hair already here. Very fine strands just like my Dad when he was a kid.

L: Learning to drive F1 at 6 months. Dad is teaching me how!
R: With my Daddy in Zoorasia! I just saw the penguins
that's why I looked so happy here.

And my hair is now visible!

L: Hooded and happy at 7 months still.
R: Just recovered from my colds at 7 months.

And the rest is history... Don't you think that I have got more hair now? ;D


richies said...

When my daughter was born she just had red fuzz for hair. At one year she still just had a red glow. She was almost two years old before she had enough hair to hold a bow.

An Arkie's Musings

Anonymous said...

You daughter is so cute!!!how I wish I have a daughter,you're so lucky!

BTW,I'm done adding you,thanks for the add.

shydub said...

hair or hairless you are always pretty and cute baby.

Enchie said...

My son had that same hair issues LOL but still a cutie :) looks like a celebration is in the making next month ;)

Mom of Four said...

All my kids had a head full of hair when they were born, 3 of them lost it when they turned 3-4 months. Now, my youngest still not have that much hair, she looks like a boy even with earrings.

Your baby is so adorable. Don't they look so angelic when they sleep? Hahaha. mine do, I get scared when they're awake, that's when I can't do anything but watch them all not hit each other and not eat anything off the kitchen floor.
Have a great day.

Babette said...

He he, you're not kalbo Samantha. You should see my daughter's baby photos, she has less hair than you. You're still a cutie pie.

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