Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holding Them Myself

Mommy Niko over at Lover Mushroom raised the question "When do babies learn to hold their bottles?"

My answer is:
I learned to hold mine way back when I was six months old. I did it for the first time when we visited Zoorasia. It was summer and it was too hot. I was afraid Mom and Dad would take it away and drink it themselves. I was too thirsty then that I want to have the bottle of milk all too myself... But THAT was the first and only!

Holding my bottle for the first time at 6 months while strolling Zoorasia.

Me so tiny and kalbo (bald)... Hihihi!

Three months later, I rediscovered the fascination of holding my feeding bottle. I was nine months old then. Mommy was so delighted to see me holding my bottle on my own again and thought that she could do something else while I'm feeding. But she was wrong.

Please forgive the mess at the back! Mommy hasn't cleaned up yet!

I like my milk warm and I love drinking it cradled in Daddy's arms...
even if I'm in an awkward postion!

See, I can hold it all right. But it's just not the same as
Mommy holding it for me.

I don't like holding my bottle as much because Mommy would leave me alone if I hold my bottle. So what I do so that I don't hold it anymore each time I feed even if I know how... I like drinking my milk in her arms you see... And looking up at her round face making funny expressions. Hihihi! Mommy would then say, I am too lazy. Oh no, I am not! I just want her by my side.


niko said...

whoa!! i think yena learned it early too.. got to dig that picture of her to remind me what month haha

well atleast baby sam you know how to hold your own bottle at that early! good job! i agree you are not being lazy dear.. u just want to be always with mom that i really understand!! :)

nice photos of you on your kalbo days hahaha :) still cutey!!


Umma said...

Super cute pictures of Sam when she was still kalbo hahaha.. My YL doesnt want to hold his bottle either. It will only takes him couple of seconds and he'll drop the bottle.

Besides, I dont want him to hold the bottle bec he doesnt hold it right and I dont want him to swallow more air so I just didnt train him to hold bottle by himself.

Anyway, once he will be old enough, he will hold his bottle whether he likes it or not hahaha.

Enchie said...

grabe sa cuteness!!!

Bonnie said...

Wawa hold his bottle by himself when he is 5 months old. It only takes 1 day for him to learn, which mama is very proud of him.

And you did a good job too baby Sam. And you are super cute that makes me want to pinch your cheek. =D

Babette said...

That's a big bottle. You can finish the whole thing? No wonder you're growing up so fast! LOL Very cute!

Samantha Ysabelle said...

thanks po for all your lovely comments!

@ mommy niko, mommy umma, mommy bonnie and mommy bonnie: thanks for the reassurance po! yup, kalbo po ako noon! kalbo pa rin ngayon! hihihi! :D

@ mommy babette: opo, i can finish that much.. right now i drink 220mL of milk in one feeding. takaw po ako sa milk! lol!

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