Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My First Snow

I had my first snow experience when we went to Germany last week. It was snowing from Wednesday evening until Saturday and I was delighted to see snowflakes falling on the ground. They were like soft wet cotton flying all around. But Mommy didn't make me a snowman because of our full schedule during our stay in Germany. And I was all bundled up so I won't catch a cold or get sick. But I am sick now. Could it be because of the weather in Germany? Maybe. Maybe not.

Let it snow, let it snow... It was snowing Wednesday evening.
Can you see the snow fall?

Looking out. It's snowing... it must be very cold outside.
I wonder if I can play and make a snowman?

At the park just across the street from our hotel.
The grounds are now covered in snow. Bbrrrr!!!

Curious little me. What's this white thing on my feet?
They feel soft and crunchy and wet! Hihihi!

Delighted! There was so much snow up here in Bad Canstatt!
Can you see the poles and trees behind us? That's a vineyard!


Mira said...

Glad you enjoyed your first taste of snow Sam. In this part of the world where we are, snow is the last thing we need already ;-)

~Tita Mira~

Kikit said...

you'll have your time to make a snowman sam :) probably in a few years from now :)

Babette said...

You'll love playing in the snow Sam just like other kids. You need to dress warm and wear a snow suit so your clothes won't get wet. You can also learn how to make snow angels. :o)

Enchie said...

What a great way to experience snow!---outside your homeland ;)

iceah said...

wow! sam you went to Germany! c: happy for you girl nakita mo ang snow c:

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