Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home! We are home! We arrived last Sunday after a long flight. We arrived an hour later because our plane was delayed due to heavy snow in Switzerland. But I am thankful that we arrived Narita Airport safe and sound.

Me and my big luggage! Would you believe that this was just for my stuff?
Playing while Mommy was unpacking. Parang wala lang sakit ano?

But this baby is sick... It must be the jetlag and the change of weather. I have been throwing up since yesterday and have lost a lot of strength. But I am still my happy and active self. I pray that I will be better soon or else I won't make it to our flight to the Philippines on Saturday.

I hope I will be up and about by Friday, otherwise, Mom and Dad will have to postpone our flight to a later date.


Umma said...

Ohh.. poor baby Sam.. me sakit pala.. wawa naman.. and to think you will be traveling once again this weekend..
Hopefully she will recover very soon.. poor baby.. you will celebrate pa naman ng first birthday.

niko said...

il pray u get better sooonnn baby sam!! u have to be!! lapit na ur big day!! hahhaah

pakiss nga! mwah

Mira said...

Wow, you've got a hectic sked there Sam. Get well soon so you'll endure the much longer flights to and from the Phils. I'm sure you'll love it there, take a lot of pics back here. Have a safe and smooth flight.

~Tita Mira~

Cookie said...

wow, ganda ng ngiti mo Sam. mura ug wala ng jet-logged, hehe. Get well soon pretty girl!

Babette said...

I hope you feel better soon baby Sam. you probably caught a bug in the plane. :o( Get well soon so you can go on vacation again.
Btw, you need to learn how to pack light. LOL

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