Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane

This is a late post already because my bags have been unpacked again! Hehehe! Why unpacked, you ask? Because we are already here in Germany with my mommy and daddy. We arrived here yesterday and Mommy has taken out my clothes from my suitcase. But before I tell you about our trip, let's rewind the events and look into our trip preparations.

I'm an Eskimo! Me in my winter jacket.

All my bags are packed.. Not quite yet.

Is everything in here Mom? I'm gonna close my luggage now.


Kikit said...

enjoy your trip baby sam :)

-emirie- said...

Baby Sam you are now more distant than before. Anyways I'll keep checking for the updates about you here on your blog.

BTW thanks for sharing your awards for my baby. Hugssss.

Mira said...

Hi Sam, I hope you had a great and safe flight.

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