Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meeting Sam

Hello everyone! So, we went house hunting yesterday and our first stop was a typical German house which was located near Ludwigsburg. It was a small community and liked how the houses were built... The flat was on the second floor and was very spacious. It's got two bedrooms, a space for a mini-office, a bathroom, a separate toilet, and a built-in kitchen. It also has a garage, a storage room and laundry room at the basement.

Sam and Sam: playing together. We are such posers!

It was in this house where I met my new friend Sam. Actually, his name is Samuel. Do you know that Samantha is the female name version for the name Samuel? Coincidence? Hmmm... Mommy seems to think so. Isn't it just great?

He is my first friend who I got to play with albeit briefly. He is eight months old and he is so very kalbo for his age. He was so happy to see me and so we played some. He has got very light bluish gray eyes too, just like his mom. Hihi! Then it was time to say goodbye. His mom is a very kind lady who even gave me a baby toy very similar to Sam. They are just a very charming family.

I think I will like living here in Germany after all!


Azumi's Mum said...

uyyyy baby sam ha... ur still a baby, play only ha...joke We'll gonna miss you even if we havent met personally hihi... mwah Happy House Hunting

niko said...

ow dear sam! sam is also an adorable baby!! :)

am glad u are liking germany already!! take care always

u are so cute, u pose like a pro!!! model agad baby sam ha!!

Babette said...

Wow, you found a new playmate. You're going to love Germany. Lots of beautiful places to visit. Have you seen a cuckoo clock yet? You'll love it!

Kikit said...

new place, new friends. lingaw :)

Mira said...

It's always good to find nice neighbors in a new place. It looks like baby Sam will enjoy the skinny head Sam's company, lol.

Mira said...

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Mira said...

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Mira said...

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