Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jetlagged and Sick

Yes, I am still sick until today. Mommy is getting worried since it's already Friday. We went to the emergency clinic last night and saw the doctor. They said my condition is getting better and that it would be okay to travel as long as I don't get tired and stressed out. So here I am, sleeping... but my sleep isn't very peaceful because I would just suddenly cry and wake Mommy up. I am so not feeling very well and I have lost a lot of weight. I wish to be well soon so that I won't cry the entire flight to the Philippines.

The happy little baby... deep in slumber.


Glenda said...

awww... its okay i'm sure you'll have fun when you get to the philippines. ;) i'm jealous. when can i go back to visit? huhuhu yay me!

niko said...

ow baby sam. it must be the sudden change of weather, ur a cutey baby jet setter kasi eh! u have to get used to it na kasi u will travel the world when u grow up! ;D

seriously dear hope u get well.. its hard when ur sick, u know mom gets worried, u lost weight and there's a lot of stresss. panu na ang mga byuti nio ni mommy niyan??

pagaling ka ha! eto mahigpit na yakap nmen ni yena hmmmmmmmmm

kikamz said...

mommies, thanks for wishing sam well. she is recuperating and taking lots of rest now so i think she will be fine. thanks for the prayers! God bless you all!

Azumi's Mum said...

omg nabigla sya sa byahe cguro no... i remember nung 1st 2 months ni Azumi, everytime we go out, di sya nakakatulog & sobra iyak (espeially nung first time lumabas).. may connection kaya yun paglabas?

Anywhoo... Get well soon baby sam Mwah

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