Thursday, November 13, 2008

My 8th Month Day

I just love it when I celebrate and party! It matters not if it's a small party composing of just me, daddy and mommy as long as it's with the ones I love! So, what does a baby girl do on her 8th month?

This day (October 28th) being my 8th month day meant that I can have all the fun I want!

So I got to play with my toys to my hearts' content.

Look at me here, I am just plain HAPPY!

Then I get to get dressed to kill and head off to the mall where we will meet my daddy.

Of course I get to hang out with my dad, who adores and loves me so much!

After dinner, we went for a stroll at beautiful Minato Mirai. It was a bit chilly so that explains why I was so wrapped-up! :D The night-sight in Minato Mirai is just amazing! The lights were all lit up in this area making it ideal for evening dates, strolls and night mode shots!

With my mum and the view of the Cosmo Adventures.
Can you see that giant Ferris wheel farther ahead? It also tells the time.

Again with my mommy and the Landmark Tower.

And when we got home, we bought two slices of cake and a candle in the figure 8 for me to make a wish and for daddy to blow.

"Look Mommy, look! Daddy blew the candle off for me!"

It was a very fun-filled and happy day! Thanks to my mommy and daddy who are always there. But of course, there is just the three of us here. *wink! *wink!


iceah said...

Happy 8th months c: baby Sam c:

Twerlyn said...

hi! she's so cute!

Yes..let's exchange links

I'll add you now at my two blogs


Thanks for the visit..

Whateverebay said...

Happy 8th Month! These are the most precious moments and so many more to come!!! Congrats! :) -- Laura

-emirie- said...

congratulations for being an 8 months old baby!

I'll added your blog to my babies blog directory. Have a nice day!

Butchay said...

what a cute little girl....waaahhh!!!! ive always wanted to have one myself...someday siguro...happy 8th month...added you up on my blogroll, just add me on your links too ok? just let me know


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