Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Dainty Feet

I am still trying to stand on my own two feet and learning to strut my stuff. But because my legs are still weak, I can only stand with my mommy's support or with my baby gym for now. And look at me! Almost on my own now... Mommy was so proud to see me standing alone with little support. And I am so happy too because my knees don't buckle that easily anymore. I guess I am growing up stronger everyday. Yipee!

Trying to keep it steady. Guess how long I lasted in this position?
Soon, I will be able to strut my stuff!

And then, I get to move around in my walker by dragging myself. I guess it is quite funny if you see me walking backwards with the aid of my walker. And mommy had me wear my teddy shoes because the floor is cold and so that my socks won't get soiled.

Trying to move around with my Baby Mickey & Minnie walker.

My dainty little footsies in my teddy shoes!


ceemee said...

That's good for you! I'm sure your mommy is very proud of you!

Umma said...

Wow,,cutie Sam can start to stand up now.. slowly slowly... u will be walking soon..

My YL is like that too and he starts to stand up by himself now.. Im so excited .

Ria said...

hello cutie samantha...good, you're learning to stand now but don't give your mama and papa the worries when you start running about =) take care sweetie!

Cookie said...

Go, go, go Sam!
She is so adorable! She's really a happy baby, huh?! Hugs!

Jodi said...

Your such a cutie pie.

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