Thursday, November 13, 2008

Co-Bedding Anyone?

I don't know about you but lately, I find myself wanting to sleep with my mommy and daddy. There is just nothing like the feel of their warm bodies and the comfort and security that their presence bring. Until I was eight months old, I was content sleeping alone in my baby bed with my baby pillows. Daddy said that it is safer for me to sleep in my baby bed because he moves a lot when he sleeps. He is afraid that he will run over me or worse crush me. That is indeed scary!

I do look like a boy here, don't I? :D

But I just discovered that I can sleep better with mommy and daddy with me by my side. So now, I am sleep with them... I mean, when I wake up in the middle of the night to find myself alone in my baby bed that is. You see, when mommy sings me to sleep, I am as unconscious and in deep slumber as I can be that mommy lays me down on my baby bed. But I know better than her (impish grin!) I would wake her up sometime between 2:00AM and 3:00AM so that she will move me to their bed and then doze off again until 8:00AM.

So, how about you little one? When did you start co-bedding with your mum and dad?

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bonz said...

little zoie's co-bedding with us ever since she arrived... i'm not confident of separating her with me while sleeping so we didn't buy a crib yet. not until she reaches 6th months.
she keeps on stirring on her side of the bed, when she woke up (so early) we're still sleeping... that's when we decided to make her sleep on her crib. its much safer for her.
but i still miss her sleeping by my side...

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