Friday, November 21, 2008

Blending In

I was playing with my mommy yesterday when she took these photos of me. Looks like I blended in with the sheets and blankets! Hehe!

Come mommy, give me a hug and let's go to sleep!

Hello everyone! Are you having fun out there? Because I am!

And because I am a curious little girl, I also played with mommy's mobile phone and tried to grab the digicam from her. Too bad she wouldn't allow me to play with it. But still, I had some fun!

Why is it taking so long for daddy to call? Hmmm...

Come on, Mom! Please let me take a look at my photos!
Or better yet, please hand me the cam.

I gave my mommy this sad stare so she would give me the cam.
I guess it didn't work.

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