Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Formal Affair

Do you like to dress up for special occasions? I know I do. I especially love it if I wear dresses. But I cannot wear party dresses on a daily basis, only on those special occasions like birthdays, debuts, evening parties, weddings and the likes.

We were invited to attend a debut of the daughter of my parent's friends in Switzerland in February and I am excited. Since it is going to be a formal affair, my Mommy and Daddy should dress up formally too. Maybe my Mom will finally get to buy an evening dress that she can wear on occasions such as these. And Daddy can also buy a shirt and some silk ties. He already has a suit so he only needs a new shirt and ties to go with it.

We are thinking of color coordinating our attire and because the trendy color for 2011 is honeysuckle, we are thinking of wearing colors with shades of pink and red. For Daddy's tie, we are thinking of this pink criss cross tie. What do you think? Mommy can go with a black dress and the honeysuckle can just go as accessories, maybe a purse or a pashmina with that color will do. As for me, a pink dress like in the photo below will be just fine.

I am actually excited to attend the debut because it will be the first time that Mommy and Daddy and I will have to dress formally. And I am excited!


Alice Law said...

The pink dress is beautiful, it'll look great with a tiara or perhaps a flowery head band!^-^

Keep well and have a nice day!

GAGAY said...

hello hello! i just wanna ask if you're willing to have an exlinks with me? i recently updated my blog me then if you do so i can save your blog in my three blogs.

Im..but GAGAY.
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Samantha Ysabelle said...

Hello Ms. Alice. I think the flowery head band will be perfect! Thanks for the great idea!

Samantha Ysabelle said...

hello ms. gagay! just sent you a message via CONTACT. hope you got it. your badges are now running in my badge exchange page. thanks!

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