Thursday, January 27, 2011

Me At The Sinulog

I promised to post a little bit more about the Sinulog celebration that we had here in Germany last January 15, right? Well, here is more about it. Sorry for the late post though since I just recovered from colds. I have been sick for almost a week but thankfully, I am feeling better now. Anyway, back to Sinulog.

Long before the Itik-Itik Dance, more exciting and meaningful things took place.

First off was the celebration of the Holy Eucharist at the cathedral in Rottenburg. A religious feast will not be complete without a thanksgiving mass. The Holy Infant Jesus is after all the reason for the celebration. Everyone brought their Sto. Ninos with them, including me. And Fr. Simon blessed us all after the mass.

The procession and Sinulog streetdancing followed right after the mass. My Mommy and Daddy had to go ahead because they were participating in the street dancing which led the procession. They left me in the care of my Auntie Lola Judy who taught me how to do the Sinulog dance too and patiently took some photos of me at the procession.

Then we arrived at the Festhalle or the venue where the Sinulog dancing continued. It is more than a dance... it is a form of prayer, of worship and thanksgiving. And we were all happy. Happy for the gift of childhood, of innocence and of wonder that is innate in every child like me.

Photo credits: Judy Schlaak, Frevrey Noel

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Alice Law said...

1st time heard of this auspicious celebration! Samantha looks pretty in these pictures, love her outfits!

Have a pleasant weekend!

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