Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blogging and Computer Games

Kids like me  that grow up in this generation more or less know how to operate a computer. At two and half years old, I can already click on the next video that I want to watch on YouTube. Of course, my Mommy or Daddy would have to search the video I want to watch first and then I would continue from there. I am even interested on those handheld consoles that my friends own and would't let go of it once I get my hands on it. But my parents say I am much too young to own such an expensive item so I am content with just being able to get hold of one every once in a while.

I bet my cousin Kuya Miggy, who is turning four years old in a few days is already into computers. Soon, when he is older, he would learn to play simple flash games on the internet like boxhead 2 or even prefer the strategy games like age of war. These games, as their titles suggest, are targeted for the male species. And because these are online games, the player can choose to play alone or play with other online users. I am sure it will really be an exciting game for my cousin. I think I will tell him all about this the next time we see each other again.

I know I mentioned about handheld consoles in the first part of this post. I guess if I could keep blogging for money, and if Mommy will save all the money that I have earned through blogging, then perhaps in due time, I will be able to purchase one. I know a lot of people don't understand how it works but trust me, if you really put your heart into it and blog about things that you believe in, you will find that this is a very good way to earn money while doing what you love the most: blogging.

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Alice Law said...

Wow... this is really IT generation, mommies have to keep up too else will probably be left out! Muahahaha!

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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