Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Many Faces of ME!

My Mommy loves to take photos of me. So whether I am in the mood or not, she would aim the camera at me whenever she feels like it. It is no wonder that our hard drive is now almost filled with photos. Although the subjects vary, I must say that about 75% have me in it. If Mommy is not aiming the camera at flowers, landscapes or anything that catches her fancy, she would aim it at me, whether I am dressed or not.

There was this one time when I just felt like posing in front of the camera and Mommy took the chance. I think I was pretending to be a princess in the following photos because I have on my "gold" headband. I always say "prinzensem" (prinzessin in German means princess) if I want to put it on because for me, it is like a crown that you put on your head. And most princesses have these tiny crowns on, right?

And I also noticed that my hair is already very long here. Even my Mommy and noticed it so that you probably know what happened next! Yes, Mommy cut my hair. She was initially on just trimming a few centimeters of hair but because I wouldn't stay put in my chair, my hair is now short, ear-length almost. Will try to post photos next time!

1 comment:

pibyang said...

Hi little girl! you look very pretty in your long hair. :) grabbed your badge and followed you also! hope you can visit and ..:)

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