Saturday, July 24, 2010

Look Ma, I Can Paint!

I gave my Mommy and Daddy a little surprise last Sunday. What was the surprise? I will tell you in a jiffy. But first, let me do some story telling. 

It was a warm Sunday, the sun was out and Schlossplatz was packed with people... you can really tell that something fun was going on so that after church, we dropped by to check out was happening. I think it was a family day, because there were lots of families with small children about and there were lots of booths put up. There was music and laughter and merriment everywhere and some wails and cries too!

I got all excited with what I saw and the first thing that I asked for was a balloon. I just love balloons and so Mommy and Daddy set out to get me one. I got three balloons that day, all for free. Hehe! There were lots of activities for children to try out too but there was one thing that surprised my Mommy and Daddy so much. I made two water color paintings all by myself, and it was my first time! Daddy for one was surprised to see that I knew how to hold a brush and what to do with it. Well, it's thanks to Timmy das Schäfchen.

So what do you think? I must have some painting skills after all, which I have taken from my Mommy. I wish Mommy will buy me some art materials now. I know she is hesitating because I might paint the white walls, which by the way are now covered with scribbles.

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