Friday, July 16, 2010

Do You Know Emily Erdbeer?

My newest favorite cartoon series? The all new Emily Erdbeer or Strawberry Shortcake in English. I would always say "erdbeer" to my Mommy if I want to watch this one. The characters are just so cute and I find Erdbeerland or Berry Bitty City very colorful.

In case you don't know how they are named in German, here they are:

emily erdbeer
Emily Erdbeer (Strawberry Shortcake) 

orangela obstblüte
 Orangella Obstblüte (Orange Blossom)

Bonni Blaubeer
 Bonni Blaubeer (Blueberry Muffin)

 Himbeertörtchen (Raspberry Torte)

Pfläumeli Creme
Pfläumeli Creme (Plum Pudding)

Zitronella Baiser
Zitronella Baiser (Lemon Meringue)

Aren't they just cute? I just love them and I always look forward to watching the next episode which will be shown on Nick Jr. on July 17th at 7:45AM. I hope Mommy doesn't forget to record it. So I get to watch another new episode.

How about you? Do you like Strawberry Shortcake too? Who is your favorite character?


kha said...

I have known bout strawberry shortcake year 2007 when my good friend Lea introduce her to me tru her pics and the movie.. I like her that I even downloaded her famous song became my ring tone.. maybe I will introduce fer to my daughter in the future..:D

Anonymous said...

Thankyou I needed the translation

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