Friday, October 1, 2010

Out With The Girlfriends

My parents enjoy attending Filipino community gatherings. It is their way of relaxing and catching up with friends. I enjoy it too because that means I can play longer with my girl friends. Some of my girl friends I have already featured here in my blog but there's more to tell.

Carmina, Diana and me.

Last July 30 was the Summer Party hosted by the Sto. Nino Group of Stuttgart-Rottenburg. It was a great day for us kids because it was a very fine day, and the means that we can play at the spielplatz just outside the event hall. 

Up and down we went... it was just the four of us. Who's missing? 

And so it was that me and my three other girl friends, (or should I call them my three big sisters?) namely Madelein, Carmina and Diana, enjoyed an afternoon playing at the swing, climbing and eating muffins. 

Enjoying our muffins after playing for some time... With Diana and Madelein.

Too bad Franciska, Diana's younger sister, wasn't there to play with us. She had fever due to the vaccination that she received that day and had to stay indoors with her Mom. It would have been more fun with her around.

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