Friday, October 22, 2010

Learning Numbers and Doing Math

Mathematics is a subject that every child will have to go through during his or her school days. No one is exempted from it so that I know that I too will soon have to face solving Math questions. I don't worry too much about it though because I have engineers for parents. I can always ask them for help if I have Algebra equations to solve.

Right now, I don't have to concern myself with all these stuff just yet. I could take things one thing at a time and learn the basics first before I learn all the complicated ones. I guess that is how it always works: from simple to complicated. I could learn basic arithmetic after I have learned how to count properly. My parents could give me drills in arithmetic and teach me how to divide, add, multiply and subtract. Then they could help me have a better appreciation of Mathematics by showing me the beauty of prime numbers: that they are very unique numbers because they are only divisible by one and itself. They could even introduce me to Pre Algebra or get a competent tutor to show me how it works.

I know that I have to do things right the first time. And I know that with things going online these days, I can readily find helpful information on the internet or get online tutoring services, which I can do at any time of the day. When I am stuck with linear equations or don't know how to arrive at the standard form of the equation, I know where to ask.

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Alice Law said...

You have got very dedicated parents!:)

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