Friday, October 22, 2010

Enjoying the Märchengarten with Mommy's New Friends

Last October 6, Mommy let me come along with her on their class excursion to Ludwigsburg Palace in Ludwigsburg. There I met my Mommy's friends from her Intensive German Language Course class and I can say that I liked and enjoyed the attention that I received from them. They thought I was adorable, sweet, pretty and nice and I was flattered. Really. And I was at my best behavior the entire duration of the activity. I did not cry or insist on eating and drinking while we did the tour inside the palace. Eating and drinking is not allowed inside the palace because of the many old and antique things that date back to the 1700's. Although I was hungry, I waited patiently for the tour to end and it lasted for almost three hours! Could you imagine?


After the tour, we went to see the Märchengarten and the Pumpkin Exhibit. The Pumpkin Exhibit is also a very interesting thing to see because you can see various shapes, colors and sizes of pumpkins being formed into different creatures. This year, the theme was seawater creatures and I saw mermaids, whales, turtle, octopus and waves, and there was an owl and other bird species too.

The best part of the tour was our visit to the Märchengarten where we got to see many of Germany's folk stories and fairy tales being played. I saw Hansel and Gretel, Rumplestiltskin, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, 1001 Arabian Nights and many others. It was a very interesting place and I would definitely love to come back because I haven't seen Rapunzel or Cinderella or Snow White that day. Maybe next time, when the weather is good, we can go back as a family and enjoy the Märchengarten.

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Alice Law said...

LOL... she must have got really engrossed with the beautiful scenery to the extend she didn't feel hungry at all!^-^

Have a great weekend!

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