Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Looking Forward

So I am now on my second week at the Kindergarten. I did not do so well yesterday because I did not let go of my Mommy's hand when it was time for her to leave. Perhaps it was because I felt it was my first day again with the two days break I had from going to the Kindergarten. It was after all the weekend last Saturday and Sunday. So Mommy stayed with me until 11:00 AM when Yvonne called it a day and asked Mommy that we try again today at the same time. Today was better though because Mommy managed to leave without me whining and looking for her when I realized that she has already left. I still did not eat lunch with the other kids though. And did not drink anything at all.

The days here are getting colder but the other kids are yet to arrive from their summer vacations. Soon, the Kindergarten will be packed with kids and I just hope that I will have already adjusted by then because I know Yvonne won't be able to give me her 100% attention.

I am looking forward to the activities that the Kindergarten has set for us though. I know that most kindergartens have what they call the Fasching Festival, a carnival that takes place the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, where both children and adults can wear a costume of their choice. I know that I will be seeing lots of different costumes, from fairy tales to horrifying scenes to superheros. Some would even wear Special Effects Contacts for that impressively real look. Then of course there is Easter, where we will be making easter eggs and do egg hunting, Halloween where we go trick-or-treating and wear all sorts of costumes too, and the Christmas season where Christmas markets come to life. There's also the small field trips too where we will be visiting zoos, parks, small forests and children's museums.

Oh yes, I just know that lots of exciting things are going to happen now that I am attending Kindergarten.

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