Friday, August 27, 2010

Kindergarten Tales

I am now officially in Kindergarten. I have been since Monday and I can say that I truly enjoyed it! I am glad Mommy and Daddy finally found a place for me to interact with other kids. My teacher (they are called Bezugserzieherin here in Germany), Yvonne, is a very kind woman and she made sure that I am able to adapt well in my new environment during my one week Eingewohnung or adjustment period. 

 This is me with Yvonne, my teacher. See, we are very close already! Hihi!

Mommy was with her on the first day to be with me as I went around the Kindergarten and got myself familiar with the rooms, stuffs to do and the other kids. Then on the second day, Mommy just gave me to Yvonne (we are staying on the second floor of the building) and she went downstairs to wait at the parent's corner just in case I will look for her. Even my grandparents were there too! Wednesday came and I was doing fantastic! Yvonne told my Mom that I can stay for lunch the next day and that she can leave and come back for me at 1 o' clock. Thursday came and everything turned out well. Except of course, I didn't eat lunch as Yvonne hoped because we don't eat typical German food. When my Mom fetched me after lunch time, Yvonne told her that I come earlier so that I can also see and join the other kids for breakfast. 

Let's just see what happens today. But so far, I think I am doing great. Except from the fact that I cannot speak well yet and that I don't eat, everything else is great. I am adjusting well and I didn't even cry!


Clarissa said...

Aww...pre-schooler na pala si Sam.Congratulations dear Sam,ang laki mo na ^_^

chubskulit said...

Way to go Sam, my daughter is in kindergarten too and she's loving every minute of it

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