Saturday, May 1, 2010

Visiting the Canals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city... it is almost like Venice with its canals but the difference is that the water in the Dutch canals is like freshwater. During our canal cruise tour, the tour guide explained why but because I wasn't paying much attention, I forgot what the reason was. Perhaps when we get the chance to come back, I will pay more attention. :D

The city center is very easy to cover on foot. Much better if you have a bicycle because you can get to your destination faster. One gets to see lots of interesting buildings and establishments along the way, like museums, squares, small statues and monuments, boat houses, cafes and restaurants, bicycles, and of course the beautiful row houses along the canals.

So, here are some of my/our photos during our visit to Amsterdam:

The Dutch row houses up close. There's a particular spot that they call
"The Golden Bend" but we didn't know where it was located so this one will have to do.

Outside Bulldog... the oldest cafe in Amsterdam.

Wondering where I am... Hihi!

With my Daddy... I got tired of sitting in my stroller
and wanted to have a view from up in his arms.

The Hermitage Amsterdam as viewed from the canal.
This is a very famous landmark. One of the best shopping centers there is in Amsterdam.

Inside the tour boat, having a moment with my Daddy.

Boat houses along the canals. These are real houses with electricity and water.

A view of the docks where the tour boats are moored.
Should a dive steam in the unlucky volunteer?

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