Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Windmills of Zaanse Schans

On our last day in the Netherlands, we visited the old windmills in the old Dutch village in Zaanse Schans. I was asleep when we arrive so that would explain why I am in my stroller in some of the photos. The wind was cold because it was still the early days of Spring. It also rained the previous night so the air was still a bit chilly. I had a nice time when I woke up though... I had fun having my photos taken... and I also enjoyed watching the ducks and the goats in their small animal farm within the village.

Sleeping in the car on our way to Zaanse Schans.

See? Told you I was sleeping... Hihi!

The windmills... there are six of them here.
They are hundreds of years old already and they are all still working.

It was a completely different setting than from Amsterdam... it was a historical and very interesting place to visit. Should you get the chance to visit the Netherlands, a visit to the famous wind mills is a must!

With my family...
A view of the village in Zaanse Schans.

Another family photo with the postcard background of the windmills.

I love to ride on my Daddy's shoulders! The view from up there was fantastic!

All awake and happy to be here!

At the windmill "The Cat". Hot chocolates are sold here and I want one!

Another family photo. I wasn't paying attention to the photographer though.


Pilosopong Noypi said...

nice view... try visiting here in the Philippines... but not this time...

Alice Law said...

Never been to Netherlands... but it's a nice place to pay a visit!

Look at Samantha, she looks cute even after a tiring journey!

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