Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Sea Creatures at Sea Life

Giant sea turtles. Reminds me of the school of turtles in the movie Finding Nemo.

Marine life always fascinate me. And because I love water, I am always drawn to them. I enjoy looking at different types of fish swimming and would repeatedly say "fish, fish, fish!" every time I see them. I even love to eat fish especially if it is dipped in patismansi (fish sauce with calamansi).

And because I love them, Mom and Dad brought me to the Sea Life park in Konstanz during our visit to the area. And I just enjoyed every minute of it: watching the fishes, turtles, octopuses, crabs, sharks, and penguins do their stuff. There were freshwater and salt water fishes and it was just a lot of fun!

Daddy was showing me something peculiar. Can you guess what it is?

Look at all the fishes!

The penguins! I can't believe how fast they can move.
And they move pretty fast in the water too!

I also enjoyed playing at the play area, which is located at the corner of the souvenir shop.

Me, having a great time at the play area.

And because summer is already here, I am looking forward to more themed-park adventures. There are lots of theme parks here in Germany. Movie Park, Heide Park, Legoland, Ravensburger Spieleland, Tripsdrill Amusement Park to name a few. And I am looking forward to visiting some of them this year!


Mama Ko said...

wow Baby Sam dami mo nanamang adventure. Enjoy lang ng enjoy baby Sam, mommy have tons of kayamanan for lakwatsa hehe.

Russ said...

Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun this summer. I love the sea worlds also.
I have been meaning to tell you how beautiful your Country is. I spent some time in Augsburg Germany and in Berlin. Many years ago.

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