Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebrating Easter In The Netherlands

I know this post is long overdue but I am posting this anyway. I just can't let the month pass without posting about my Easter experience...

Eating one of my egg shaped chocolates, Mom and Dad's Easter treat.
The pack came with a stuffed toy. An Easter Bunny.

We celebrated Easter in the Netherlands. Did you know that is improper to call it Holland because Holland is only a part of the Netherlands. My Mommy told me this very interesting piece of information when she was prepping me up for our trip. She must have read about this somewhere in the Internet.

The old Dutch village in Zaanse Schans

But anyway, as with most of our holidays, we just drove to the Netherlands. It took us about 8 hours, including stops and rests at parking areas. The drive would normally take only 6 hours but because I am still a baby and puked when we were nearing our destination, we just had to stop so I can change and so that my queashy tummy will calm down.

Sightseeing in Amsterdam. Strolling around the city center takes only a few hours.

We stayed in a hotel 20 minutes south of Amsterdam and stayed there for three days and two nights. Our first stop was Asmterdam. It is a very beautiful city with its canals, row houses, boat houses, and lots of bicycles. The next day, we visited the old Dutch village and the windmills in Zaanse Schans and then to Keukenhof, the largest Spring Garden in the world.

At the parking lot in Keukenhof.

I will be posting more of our holiday photos in the coming days... If I find the time. After all, a baby's got to play, watch and learn.... blogging is just on the sides. :D

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Russ AKA Grampy said...

Please post some more pictures. I would love to see some of the canals and windmills.

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