Saturday, August 1, 2009

Germany's Next Top Model?

It is getting warmer here by the day and what better way to stay cool then soak in water? But before I could go waddling and splashing in the pool, I must have my own swimwear first. I actually have two, given to me by my godmothers but the yellow one is still too big for me. The green two-piece was just perfect though when Mommy had me try it on.

Goofing around as Mommy puts my two-piece on.

A smile for my Daddy.

Giggling as I modeled my two-piece bikini to Mommy and Daddy. They were shrieking with laughter when I pulled the string! LOL!

Ain't I such a cutie? And I wear it proudly too! Hehehe!


niko said...

youare very pretty sam!! naku germany's next model ka nga tlga!!!

that two piece looks so cute on you ha.. gigil ako sa smile mO!

ingat lagi baby!

bonz said...

you look cute on your two piece!

ang cute din ng smile mo...

take care!

kisses from little zoie!

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