Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Giant and Fairy Me!

We went on a sightseeing in Linz, Austria two weeks ago and discovered two fun things: being a giant and a fairy. When we got there, there was a festival going and there were vendors adorned in their Middle Age Costumes like the guy below who played his lute and sang an old Irish song.

Then Mommy bought me this nice flowery head dress which I think looked perfect on me! It matched my shirt and my skirt perfectly too!

Me inside the sightseeing tram.

Waiting to board the yellow sightseeing tram.

There's this other place in Linz which I enjoyed very much. I think it was in one of the rooms of the Town Hall, where the flooring is an aerial view of the city of Linz. It was so nice indeed that I felt like a giant walking over the buildings, villages, forest grounds, rivers and bridges.

Happy little Giant me running all over "Linz".

There's even this rotating slab of round stone which I especially enjoyed. It was so much fun that I cried when Mommy and Daddy said that it was time to go.

So happy to be going round and round!


Kikit said...

Glass flooring Sam? Lingaw lagi ni ay. Pero it seems a bit scary.

Chris said...

she is so big na! :D

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