Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Landshuter Hochzeit

This little one is all set and good to go for another day of fun!

This little baby was lucky to have witnessed the Landshuter Hochzeit in Landshut, Bavaria, a re-enactment of the wedding feast that took place there in 1475. Why lucky? Because it only takes place every 4th summer, the last one being in 2005.

The little children with their nannies.

Margarethe widow of the Prince-Elector of Saxony (in a coach)

Dominican and other monks of the German monastic orders.

The bridegroom’s father, and wedding host carried in a sedan chair.

It was quite a lavish procession, participated in by almost 2,000 people of different ages, and lasted for more than an hour. Because it was a re-enactment, the participants were garbed in their Medieval clothes. It was indeed a mix of colors, and there were lots of fine horses too!

Mounted women Aristocrats from Poland.

These horses were HUGE!!!!

Look at all those fine horses!

Young girls in their colorful Medieval costumes.

One of the many pages bearing a torch. The bride was inside the gold coach.

This couple were talking about me. They thought I'm cute! Hihi!

Shouts of "HALLO!" can be heard from the participants, in which the spectators also respond "HALLO!". There was live medieval music played by the marching bands. It was indeed a very festive celebration, as if we journeyed back in time in the year 1475.

And where were we the entire time? Sitting on the side of the street, drinking, errrrr taking it ALL in!


Grampy said...

Oh that sounds wonderful. You got some very good pictures also.
Have a good day.

niko said...

you are indeed very lucky to see all that.. thanks for taking us in.. its as if we're there too.. thanks for ur stories and pictures!!

you are growing up so fast sam! i hope you and yena can meet one day.. yena is very very talkative lately... i know u are too!

iceah said...

so cool c: I wish I was there too c: You look like a real happy family so nice c:Miss visiting here kamusta na?

by the way dito nako nagjournal see you there c:

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