Friday, July 3, 2009

Coke Is It!

I love playing with softdrink bottles while watching my favorite shows on TV especially if the bottle is cold. For those of you who are allowed to drink softdrinks, you would agree a cold glass of Coke while watching your fave TV is the perfect treat! And because I am not yet allowed to drink because it is not good for babies like me, playing with it still is a treat!





Sheepish smile.

And as the ad says, "Coke is it!"


Erika's Mom said...

Hi baby Sam! your bigger now... Erika too enjoys playing a cold plastic bottle like yours, and also a cold can of beer of her father even during winter.

Momma Bams said...

yeah dont drink softdrinks because its bad for your bones ok =) **hugs

niko said...

cutey!!! love ur pics.. pwede ng pang coke commercial si sam!! :)

naku ako no choice, marunong na si yena maghanap ng coke.. her cousins kasi mahilig jan tapos they will let her sip :D pero sabi ko konti lng masaya naman na sya sa konti :D

Umma {^o^} said...

Goodness.. Sam looks so big now.. and she is getting prettier and cuter each day Mommy Kamz.

Yeung said...

My little whiner loves to play the same thing too..I guess toddlers are just fascinated with all the stuffs they can play with.

Hello cutie Sam..

iceah said...

Hi Sammy c: miss coming here c: you are really growing fast c:

Cookie said...

oi, love pala nya ang coke. cute ba kaayo nya oi!

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