Saturday, July 18, 2009

Me and Beautiful Schonbrunn

I didn't realize that I have motion sickness until we went on a long drive for Vienna, Austria on the first part of our trip. It was raining then so that Dad had the air conditioning on and I guess that did it. But I am not sick anymore and was my usual curious and happy self especially when we went to explore Schonbrunn Castle and it's grounds! Look at the pics to see what I mean!

Exploring the gardens. Can you see the greenhouse ahead? That one is the Palm House that contains lots of tropical plants.

This little kid just showed up from nowhere! I guess he wanted to play with me when his parents called him.

This blogger baby resting on one of the benches in the palace gardens.

Curiously looking at the duck. I wonder how it can float on water.

Happily walking on the pebbled palace ground and never a care for the magnificent castle behind me. Mommy had to always call my attention so that I would look at the camera.

The sign said "KEEP OFF THE GRASS" but that didn't stop me from stepping every time Mom and Dad aren't "supposedly" looking.

Please stay-tuned for more of my adventures and travels. HUGS to all!


Eva Gallant said...

What an absolutely adorable little girl!

Kikit said...

ang saya!!!

niko said...

weeeee! pretty girl pahalik nga.. you are really a happy baby on the road..

post lots of pix i will show them to yena heheh :)

czaroma said...

you are so cute!

Cookie said...

Love your pics, baby sam. you're so pretty, too.

Flores Hayes said...

little girl is so CUTE!!!
Flor (

Clarissa said...

Awww baby Samantha is so cute and adorable!!\(^0^)/

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