Monday, March 9, 2009

Meet My Kuya Miggy

I finally got to meet my cousin, Kuya Miggy, my Mommytita Farrah's son, when we visited the Philippines in the last two weeks. I was really happy to meet him because I finally have somebody to play with, aside from Mommy and Daddy. It really is different to have playmates... it makes the toys and the play more fun and exciting! And Kuya Miggy has lots of toys too.. He even gave me some of his toys to bring back with me. It was very kind and sweet of him. Here are some of the photos that we have together.... So, do we have similarities or not? Please let me know what you think.

Happy! Playing with Kuya Miggy and Kuya Cheekoi
the night we arrived Davao.

Driving buddies. Let's go for a drive!

In the mood. Kuya Miggy, our toy, and me.

We're on top of the world! We just love to ride
on our Daddy's shoulders. Who doesn't?

Playing with Jollibee in Mommytita's room.


Kikit said...

back in japan na? :)

bambie said...

You went home pala... im still hoping to get home on Anzu's first bday =( Taga-davao pala kayo. I heard its a nice place =) jya ne bebe & mama kikamz

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