Friday, July 1, 2011

Santacruzan in Bamberg

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I updated this blog. I know I should have done it months before to keep you all posted but since I am a growing kid, I don't have much time to blog. Well, my Mommy doesn't have enough to help me keep this blog up.

So anyway, I want to tell you all about this traditional Filipino celebration that we went to last June 18 in Bamberg. It was our second time to join in their celebration and this time, it was more exciting and fun for me because me and my other girl friends got to participate as one of the angels. I felt so pretty wearing this white dress that Mommy bought for me. She also made a ring of flowers to put on my head so that I felt more angelic. The only thing missing were my wings. Hihi!

My Chichi Cha dusted some powder on my face. She also put some color on my lips. Now my get-up is complete.

Then we all lined up and given letters to hold in preparation for the procession, which took place after the Hold Mass.

We were then seated inside the church in the same order as our letters, which read "Ave Maria" and I was so prim and proper, so behaved and held on to my letter "A", handling it with care. But that was until I got hungry and sleepy, which was in the middle of the mass. But I managed to not sleep and make it up to the procession.

Soon, we were out of the church and had a procession around the town. I was the first in line for the angels since I carry the first letter "A" and I carried it with all the pride I could master.

We were also introduced to the entire community and I was so excited. The funny thing was that when the emcee asked my what my name was, I immediately replied, "Angel!". See? I was so into the angel thing that my name is no longer Samantha. 

After that, a program followed and then we partied and danced all night until it was time to go home. I was so exhausted from all the activities of the day that I slept inside the bus when we left Bamberg. I woke up late the following day finding myself at home. It was indeed an exhausting but a very fun and great activity for me, my family and our friends.

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