Friday, July 22, 2011

I Need New Shoes!

This Lacoste sneakers is one of my most worn out pair of shoes. Most of my shoes are now worn out since I go everyday to the Kindergarten and I love to play outside, at the playground. I also love to drag my feet while walking and bump the toe side on the pavement so that the material gets thinner and thinner and is eventually peeled away. My foot size has changed too... I think I am growing so fat. From size 25 at the beginning of the year, I am now a size 26.

Mommy should buy me a new pair or two, one for the daily use and one for special occasions. And since it is the rainy season, it would be smart to buy me a new pair of rain booths too!

Below are some cute and adorable shoes for little girls like me.

I really love the hearts on this rain booths. And it is pink, just perfect for a little girl like me who likes to still look adorable and sweet even on a rainy day. From Trentino, made of rubber, inner material 100% natural

And what about this sneakers? It is just so blooming! I love the colors, reminds me spring! The pretty butterflies will certainly be attracted to it too! This will be the perfect shoes for me to wear everyday to the kindergarten. From Next, with shoe lace, outer material with flower prints.

And isn't this ballerina shoe just adorable? It has got a patchwork design and the colors are really cool. Just got to have one... I wonder if Mommy will see this. This one is from Vertbaudet and it's on sale! Inner sole is made of leather, upper material of man-made leather, and a velcro strap at the ankles.

With these beautiful and adorable designs, my feet will really be happy! Which one's your favorite?

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