Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rollers, Hello Kitty and Me

I really like Hello Kitty! I guess testimony to that is this photo of me, my rollers and my Hello Kitty shirt. Everything is pink I know and I like it!

Last Thursday was Fahrzeugtag (Vehicle Day) at the Kindergarten and I was so excited! Mommy and Daddy even bought me a helmet the previous night so that my head will be protected. It was my first time to bring my Hello Kitty roller with me since my Mommy and Daddy won't allow me to bring it to the Kindergarten because they are afraid something bad might happen to me. Geesh, my parents are so over-protective!

And boy did I have lots of fun at the Kindergarten, riding my roller with my other friends who also rode their little bikes and bobby cars. I have no photos with me though so that I gladly posed for my Mom's camera when we got home that day. Did I have a blast during the photo session too!

Oh, the Hello Kitty roller was a gift from one of our friends here. And I am really thankful for her very wonderful gift. I hope Mommy won't forget to have some of these photos printed so she can give it to her. Thank you, Gro├čtante Lolita!

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