Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When Sick, Do Handmade Crafts!

I was sick a few weeks ago, just a little before my Mommy got well. It got common colds and I also had fever. Now, I am thankfully feeling better except for a some coughing here and there. For almost a week of being locked inside the house, I realized that getting sick can be pretty boring, I had to always insist to my Mommy that I watch this cartoon and that cartoon on TV. But watching TV is not good, as my Daddy kept emphasizing.

So Mommy and I did some handmade crafts. 

I found this Princess Lilifee magazine at the grocery store on the ground floor of our apartment and asked Mommy to buy it. It's a how-to handcraft magazine made especially for children with very easy instructions and involves only cutting figures, pasting, punching holes, and folding paper.

Our first project: the paper fan. Mommy let me cut out the paper shape for the fan fingers from the magazine and then Mommy punched a hole in them and put them all together. Then our paper fan is done. It was really nice and I enjoyed it! Hopefully, Mommy will teach me how to make other handmade things. Then I was not so bored anymore!

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