Monday, February 14, 2011

Pink is A Brand In Its Own

Many girls are attracted to the color pink. Whatever shade and hue of pink it may be, any true-blooded of the girl species will be gravitate towards anything pink like a magnet. That is why pink will always be a good color to use if you want to target little girls, female teenagers and even the women. And if you want to target the male gender, blue will be a good color to start with.

So what am I trying to drive at here? If you want to create a logo or brand targeted towards a particular market, one of my Logo Design Tips will be to give it it's signature color. It should be a color that is attractive and will represent the product or the service of the company. A logo should also be big enough to be seen and small enough to fit any promotional material. It should be able to attract attention and speak for what the company represents. Simplicity in the logo design is also important. Ever heard of KISS? It means "keep it short and simple".

There have been many successful businesses made known for their logos. A few of my favorites include Pampers, Disney and Barbie. They are all made for children. I am, after all, still a child.

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