Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Love Bubbles!

I love bubbles! Blame it on Barney and the many songs of bubbles that I hear on TV and my children's songs. I had a blast on my birthday watching bubbles and playing with them. Thanks to Kuya Mark who was so diligent in blowing bubbles for me. I just squeal with delight each time I see a bubble, feel them burst as they land on my hands and hear them make soft popping sounds as they land on the floor. My guests would giggle with me too, especially when they hear me shout "bubbles! bubbles!" pronounced as "bah-buhlls!" as if it were the most wonderful thing there is.. But I guess for a toddler, it is the most wonderful thing there is!

Kuya Mark, my hero of the day. He brought out lots of shrieks of laughter from me!

Here's a few of my photos! The smiles and the looks of wonder, curiosity and delight say it all!

Ah... bah-buhlls!

The wonder of it all... I wonder how it works?

The many faces of me enjoying the bah-buhlls!


Me said...

hehehe in-ana sad ako kids they love bubbles...hehehe sweet lovely kids of yours...

Glenda said...

so cute! i love bubbles too! =)

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