Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My First Haircut...


Me + Bathtime Fun = A shorter hair! Huh?

I had my first ever haircut last January 7th. Mommy thought my hair was already too long so that she decided to trim it. She was giving me a bath then and while I was playing in the tub, she got a pair of scissors and started cutting away! I wasn't scared though because I had a distraction: my bath water and my tiny floating bath toys.

My Mommy proudly showing off my wet locks.

A happy and lighter-headed me!

The Before photo... but not really taken on the day I had my haircut.


Can you tell if there is any difference at all?


Clarissa said...

You don't have to spend a penny for some beauty salons because your Mom did a great job of cutting your hair!I'm proud of you Sam for staying still while your Mom is busy cutiing our hair.^_^

Bambie dear ★ said...

well the difference is that you have a shorter hair but you're still the same, i think prettier and more adorable.. **hugs**

Kikit said...

pwede na magpart time imong mommy sa hair salon sam! hehe :)

The Twitterer said...

can't tell the difference. you're cute in both pics. wink!

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