Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meet My Girlfriends

Hello everyone! How was your Valentine's Day? I hope you all had a wonderful celebration. As for me, I celebrated it with friends and we attended the birthday celebration of our Lola-Nanay. And we had a blast playing in Nanay's room and sharing chocolates! I am years younger than my two friends but they adore me just the same. They would always include me when they play.

And below are some of our photos before we got all messy from playing too much. These two wouldn't normally pose for the camera but I guess, in the spirit of loving and friendship, they gave in to my Mommy's request and gave their sweetest smiles.

Ate Madie is six years old, I will be turning two in a few weeks, and Ate Carmina is five.

With Ate Madie... she is our big Ate. She and Ate Carmina are cousins.

With Ate Carmina... She is Filipino-German but can speak
and understand Cebuano. Ain't she a cutie?


Kikit said...

all of you are lovely :)i wonder what your first language is :)

Paula said...

Just checking out the BC Bloggers Participants. The list would be given out tomorrow. Paula WAHM sa Pinas

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