Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Indoor Playground Fun!

A few weekends ago, Mommy and Daddy took me to the indoor playground in Sindelfingen. I was sleeping in the car and was awakened by my Mommy... telling me that we have arrived. I had to idea at first where we were... It snowed the previous day and the parking lot and everywhere around me was covered in ice. Then we went inside a simple building and was surprised to find that it was warm, and filled with laughter and squeals of children. I have never seen so many children in my life until that day. And I really had a lot of fun! Thank God there are places such as Jolo's Kinderwelt... children from all ages can still enjoy and have fun indoors!

The giant soft mountain and the huge crocodile!

Bouncing up and down was so much fun!
I can't play at the trampoline area yet and this was the next best thing.

The mini-train... It was so much fun!

Riding the small carousel. I almost didn't want to get off!

Trying the Little Tikes slides at the toddler area.


Jolo's Kinderwelt GmbH
Herrenwäldlestraße 15
71065 Sindelfingen
Tel.: 07031/68 42 83 - 87
Fax: 07031/68 42 17
Entrance Fees (weekends and holidays):
Parent: €4.00 per person
Small Children (between 1 & 2yo): €3.50
Children: €7.00
Disabled Children: €4.00

1 comment:

Sam said...

How Cute! Looks like your kiddo is really having fun:).

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