Friday, January 29, 2010

Me and My Kuya Luis

I finally got the chance to meet my cousin Kuya Luis who lives in England. He is now a British citizen and he is so slang when he says to my Mommy, "Tita Kaye, wanna eat lumpia!"

Hugs make the world a better place.

As you all know, we spent the Holidays in England and spent most of our time at my Tito's. The photos below are some of my bonding moments with my Kuya. Too bad the CD where Daddy burned most our photos at their house is not working and these are the only ones we could find. My Tito also said he has already deleted the photos thinking that we got everything. Too bad indeed.

Our matching water bottles, a souvenir Mom bought from London.

Playing around while waiting for out order at the Japanese Noodle Shop.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed my time with my Kuya. We had lots of fun playing together. And during our Holidays, I always wake up to find myself having a playmate! I hope that soon, I will also wake up to find myself a playmate in the house too. Think I should bug Mommy and Daddy about it?


Seiko said...

Ang cute of you both hugging. Giggles! I'm glad you had a lot of fun with your holidays in England. Love the photos. :D

Vera said...

It really is awesome to always have someone to play with. go bug your mom and dad! :)

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