Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bournemouth Beach

A delighted happy me, all wrapped up even while at the beach.
"Di na talaga ako mababasa nito!" Surely, I won't get wet with my get-up! Hehe!

I had my first visit to the beach when my Tito took us to the town center and then to the beach. Bournemouth, they say, has one of Europe's best beaches and during the summer season, it is packed with beach fans from all over Europe.

Playing tag with my Kuya Luis.

Even in the winter season, there were still lots of people. And if you are living in a tropical country like the Philippines, you would have smirked at the sight of people all wrapped up and taking a walk down the beach. But of course, it IS winter and it's no wonder if you all see me in my jacket, bonnet and all!

Feeling the sand against my booted feet was weird at first...

But the more I walk and run, chasing after my cousin,
I realized it is one of the best playgrounds yet!

I really had pure fun feeling my booted feet against the sand. It was a new experience. The fresh chilly air and the blue sea just yonder just delighted me so!

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