Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Wish for Santa

My Daddy has been complaining a lot about his eyes lately. He says that they hurt especially his left eye because he works in front of the computer a lot. I wish I could give him something for Christmas like those New Arrivals eyeglasses so that his eyes won't hurt anymore. I like the Pure Titanium Full Rim Frame with Spring Hinge. It is made of pure Titanium but is very light weight, my Daddy won't even notice he is wearing one.

Or I could find him a very affordable $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses since he won't be using it much anyway. I could also go for a more funky and Christmas feel by giving him one of those Holiday Fun Eyeglasses but I think those are not his type. They are more to my taste but since I won't be needing them yet, the Titanium one will do.

I do hope Santa is reading this. I wish for my Daddy to not complain about his eyes anymore and instead of giving me a gift, I hope Santa will give me those eyeglasses for my Daddy.

1 comment:

Kikit said...

Sam, kabuutan ba nimo?! You're still too young to wish like that. Let Daddy buy his glasses. He can afford, I think. Hahaha :)

Sorry kay Daddy ha. :)

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