Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ehana's Need for Eyeglasses

This is Ehana and she is my friend from Japan. She is a very pretty girl, with a happy heart just like me. But she has a problem with her eyes. Can you see what it is? Yes, she is a little cross-eyed and since she is still very young, her pediatrician said that this can still be corrected with eyeglasses. I am sure these kids glasses with plastic frames will be perfect for her. I should tell Tita Luisa about it.

Ehana has a very playful nature. She runs around a lot and has tons of energy to jump, bump, skip and hop. It is amazing really, I couldn't keep up with her. Of course, I was still too small then and could not walk yet. I just crawl after her. So maybe she could also use a pair of impact-resistant children glasses so that Tita Luisa won't have to buy her a pair often each time her eyeglasses break. Or Tita Luisa can also choose kids glasses with resin and PC lenses. They come in funky colors too. Just perfect for kids.

I think Ehana is three years old now and she must already be going to Kindergarten. I hope I can see her again, prettier than ever before because her vision has already been corrected. I wonder if she has already started her treatment and is now wearing eyeglasses... Hmmm... I should ask Tita Luisa to send me a photo of Ehana wearing her eyeglasses, then.


My Memories and Crystals said...

Yes, I guess so, she needs it, it's good that it can be corrected.

Thanks so much for my badge, yes kitang kita ko na, hehehe!

A blessed day!

Eyeglasses said...

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